Our Story


Welcome to The Kaffee Klatsch, and thank you for visiting! We are a family owned small business coffee shop located in Dayton, Virginia. Here is a little about our family and how we came to own a coffee shop.

It all began when my Aunt Brenda needed a summer job and started working for Stone Valley Gourmet Shop. Stone Valley was originally a dessert shop. However, following a visit to Seattle, Washington, owner Carolyn Hartman had added espresso drinks to her repertoire of products. This made it a combination dessert and coffee shop.

The summer Aunt Brenda worked for Stone Valley, Carolyn expressed a desire to sell the shop. Convinced that she’d never marry and would someday need a livelihood, Brenda asked Granddad and Grandmom if they would help her purchase the shop. Owning a coffee shop had been a longtime dream of theirs so they seriously considered the opportunity. At this point my mom, Beth, became interested in being part of the team.

In 1998, the four; Granddad, Grandmom, Aunt Brenda and Mom purchased the shop. The desserts were dropped, and it became The Kaffee Klatsch, a family owned and operated coffee shop. Six years later, my Aunt Maggie became one of the owners.

Now I, Amanda, Beth’s daughter, manage the shop. We sell espresso drinks and have a wonderful assortment of coffee beans, which we would love for you to try. Browse our selection in our online shop or if you are in the area we would love for you to stop in and find us in person!


             Left to right: Norwood & Shirley Shank, Meredith Groff (Brenda’s daughter), Brenda Groff, Beth Hoover, Amanda Fox (Beth’s daughter), and Maggie Martin 


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